Work Permit

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If you’d like to work in the Republic of Poland, our consultants will assist you in choosing an appropriate option and will advise you on how to initiate the whole process. We will find something suitable for you among so many categories.

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Our consultants are specialized in Polish immigration law. We are here to help you. We are not confined by any borders.

We will help you in obtaining and collecting all necessary supplementary documents. We will describe the whole process and customize it especially for you in terms of legal aspects. We also guarantee full discretion at every stage during your order execution.

Even the tiniest error in your form, applications or documentation can result in rejection of the application for a work permit. We possess in-depth knowledge of all procedures and we always ensure that the filed application meets all requirements. Our goal is to make sure that your application meets or even exceeds all conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Poland.

Categories of Work Permits for Foreigners:

Type A Permit Type B Permit Type C Permit Type D Permit Type E Permit
For foreigners performing work under an employment contract with a company whose registered office is in Poland For foreigners holding a function in the Management board of a company in Poland For foreigners assigned to work in a branch office in Poland by a foreign branch office of the same company from outsider of Poland For foreigners employed in a foreign company with no Polish branch who is to perform work in the Republic of Poland (export service) For foreigners employed in a foreign company who is to perform work in Poland for purposes other than ones specified in types B, C and D