About us

Our Experience

Jakub and Grzegorz gained their experience working for a few years in London in the biggest visa company in Europe. In 2006 Serwis Konsularny was founded in Warsaw. Over the years, the Company, drawing upon its professionalism, knowledge and brand image, has achieved and now enjoys the status of one of the biggest companies in this industry in Poland and the second best consular information center in Poland preceded only by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Scope of Services

Serwis Konsularny has its seat in Warsaw and branches in Gdańsk, Cracow and Poznań. The Company also has employees in Berlin and London. The Company assists in legalizing foreigners’ stay in Poland and in registering the EU citizens in the Republic of Poland. We are accredited in all consulates in Poland.

Our Team

Over the years we have gathered and developed a professional and friendly team. We are divided into groups and we support one another if needs be. Friendly and enthusiastic employees work in our branches. We can help you each day, so do not hesitate and pay us a visit