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Registration of the EU citizens in the Republic of Poland

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If you’d like to register your stay in Poland and you are an EU citizen, our consultants will advise you on how to initiate the whole process and will guide you through complicated legal procedures. We will help you fill out documents, provide you with form templates and will arrange an appointment for you in the Foreigners Affairs Office.

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We will make an appointment and meet you to discuss qualification requirements and to optimize the application route. It is important to obtain the registration as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will do our best to prepare exactly what you might need.

The registration process of an EU citizen is not very difficult, but it requires that you collect documents and go through complicated legal procedures. By following our instructions you minimize the risk of having your application rejected. We will handle document verification and we will also help you collect many of them.

Our employees who will be assisting you are specially trained to contact officials. They file only 100% proofed documents about which we are completely sure that they will be accepted. Then your application is monitored as it progresses. Each Provincial Office in Poland has a Foreigners Affairs Office. You have to choose an office having jurisdiction over your place of residence.