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Legalization of Documents

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If you need to legalize documents in offices in Poland or in consulates of other countries, our consultants will provide you with assistance. We will consult the document legalization route, collect it from you, have it legalized and we will perform all other necessary activities and ultimately, we will deliver it to an indicated address in Poland or abroad.

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Our consultants are specialized in legalization matters. We cooperate with only the best translators and notaries in Poland. We are here to help you. We are not confined by any borders.

Even the tiniest error, incorrect stamp or legalization route for a document will exclude it from circulation and will make you unable to meet your obligations towards an office or your counterparty. We possess in-depth knowledge of all procedures and we always ensure that our legalization meets all requirements.

We offer an extensive range of services and all procedures are continuously updated against most recent official and consular information in Poland and abroad.

  • we provide certified translations into all languages
  • we obtain on your behalf certificates of no criminal record
  • we have diplomas and school certificates certified
  • we have documents legalized in the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • we have documents legalized in all consulates in Poland and abroad
  • we obtain copies of notary deeds and have notary seals certified in all District Courts in Poland
  • we obtain authorizations for the second passport issue in the Polish Ministry of Home Affairs
  • in Warsaw we have our own network of visa specialists and we do not use any other agents (please keep in mind that we are always “the first link” in an embassy)
  • we have our own employees in Berlin and London
  • we do not differentiate between normal and rush orders, all orders under our service are considered rush