Work Permit 工作许可

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If you’d like to work in the Republic of Poland, our consultants will assist you in choosing an appropriate option and will advise you on how to initiate the whole process. We will find something suitable for you among so many categories.
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可以拨打电话 +48 22 826 4462 或发送电邮
Our consultants are specialized in Polish immigration law. We are here to help you. We are not by any borders.

We will help you in obtaining and collecting all necessary supplementary documents. We will describe the whole process and customize it especially for you in terms of legal aspects. We also guarantee full discretion at every stage during your order execution.
申请材料中一个微小的错误都可以导致您的工作居留被拒绝。我们经验丰富,熟悉所有材料所以我们确保您所有材料都会复合移民局的要求。 我们的目标是为您获得波兰工作居留。

Categories of Work Permits for Foreigners: 外国人工作居留分类

许可 a 类型 许可 b 类型 许可 c 类型 许可 d 类型 许可 e 类型
外国人在企业工作(公司注册地址在波兰) 外人人作为公司法人(公司注册地址在波兰) 外国人被派遣到波兰分公司工作(公司注册地址在波兰以外) 外国人在外资公司工作,该公司在波兰没有分公司 外国人在外资公司工作,在波兰境内工作 不同于b,c d 许可类型。